Successful Magnet Designation – Case #4523

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Overcoming An Unsuccessful Attempt To Achieve Magnet Designation


The HealthLinx Outcome Driven Process was implemented for Magnet Designation in 2014 with a Nursing Assessment and Plan (NEAP). Strengths, Opportunities, and Risks were identified. An action plan was developed and implemented for a focused effort moving forward.

Due to the tight time frame, the Nursing Excellence Project Management Plan (NEPM) was implemented at the same time as the NEAP. The 8-month writing plan consisted of an SOE alignment to determine appropriate examples, write the document, content edit, copy edit and publish the electronic document.

The document was submitted on time. The organization received a request for additional documentation for 9 SOEs and then moved on to site visit. HealthLinx conducted a two-day site visit prep. Magnet® appraisers conducted a three-day on-site visit in 2015, and organization received Magnet Designation.