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Achieve and sustain elite performance across the most critical metrics in Perioperative Services.

Perioperative Services Service Line Excellence Solutions

Drive Positive Financial Impact

Main areas of Perioperative Services Financial Impact include:
  • Labor Cost/Call/OT
  • On-time Starts
  • Gain/Loss Market Share
  • SCIP Measures
  • Patient Safety
  • Surgical Site Infections/Outcomes

You Will See Results Like…

The Average Annual Value for Our Perioperative Services Solutions

Where are your Perioperative Services?
Where do you want them to be?

We consistently help Perioperative Services move along the Performance Improvement Curve (pictured below).

We have a process to: 

  • Manage Outcome Thresholds
  • By Filling or Evaluating Leadership Roles
  • Combined With Measuring Against Proven, and agreed to, KPIs

As a Result, You Will See:

  • Positive Financial Impact
  • That We Manage and Report to You

Our Project Management:

  • Provides you with Monthly Progress Improvement Reports
  • Including High-Level Views and more Detailed Dashboards

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Prepared Leaders are Waiting for You

Continuing to bring in leaders without the proper tools and proven impact on outcomes will lead to failure. A well-prepared Perioperative Services Leader will prevent burnout and repeating the typical hiring cycle over again.

Perioperative Services Outcomes Dashboard

Real Data. Real Results.

We measure outcomes to track progress over the length of the project. Your customized dashboard ensures you see the progress being made step-by-step.

Perioperative Services Testimonials

“HealthLinx’ process is very thorough and the leaders have matched our specifications. All [of them] have entered into our organization with a good understanding of what they’re getting into, and so [they] prepared very well. I’ve been very pleased and projects completed well within the timeline set!” 

— Chief Nursing Officer

HealthLinx’ reputation, professionalism and attention to detail  prompted me to choose  them for this project. The Diagnostic Assessment offered an opportunity for the VP to understand our culture as well as [the right] fit required for a new, incoming leader.”

— VP

Perioperative Services Case Studies

Director Perioperative Services

Regional referral and level II trauma center achieves $8 MIllion Positive Financial Impact in 10 months

Director Perioperative Services

Hospital moves to new facility with opportunity to grow volume, achieves $6 Million Positive Financial Impact in seven months

Director Surgical Services

Community hospital achieves $1.3 Million Positive Financial Impact in 120 days

Director Perioperative Services

Community hospital achieves $700,000 Positive Financial Impact in 5 months

Discover the results from client projects for Service Line Excellence.

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PCU Nurse Manager

Flagship Hospital achieves $303,661 in Positive Financial Impact in 133 days

Chief Nursing Executive

Community Hospital achieves over $500K in Positive Financial Impact in just 169 days

Discover the results from client projects for Service Line Excellence.