Interim & Permanent Leadership for Acute Care Units

That, and so much more…

“Why not substantially improve your Service Line and capture real dollars while you’re screening permanent leaders?”

– Matt Berry, CEO

The HealthLinx® Performance Improvement Difference

1. Our 20-Year Proven Process

You’ll receive far better Acute Care performance improvement than any other interim staffing company or executive search firm.

A. Our improvement process Exists. We do not just leave you with a warm body. Why “Staff”, when you can achieve your goals?

B. Our Diagnostic Assessment evaluates where you are, to target what needs done, to get you where you want to be.

C. We manage, measure, and communicate at every step. Your Project Executive will be your management lifeline.

2. The Project Executive

Have you ever wanted to clone yourself?

From HealthLinx, your C-Level, boots-on-the- ground performance improvement expert works with your Acute Care leader. Interim leaders are replaceable… project executives are indispensable.

These executives will drive improvement in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  •  RN Turnover
  • Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Nurse Sensitive Indicators (NSIs)
  • Patient Flow
Meet one of your potential Acute Care improvement partners:

Darlene Smuke
VP of Leadership Excellence

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Our experts will compare your unit to top industry standards.

3. Your Monthly Improvement Reports

We measure outcomes to track progress over the length of the project, monetizing all the relevant KPIs. Work your way into the Top Quartile, and Elite Decile of hospitals.

4. Positive Financial Impact — Guaranteed

Our Average Annual Positive Financial Impact for our Clients

Our Average Annual Positive Financial Impact for our Acute Care clients is $1.4 Million.

Why only use “staffing” when you could have a 6x return on your HealthLinx investment?

If we don’t pay for ourselves, we will pay you the difference.

Our Average Annual ROI for our Clients

5. Transitional (Interim) Leadership & Executive Search

  • Placement as soon as 5 days
  • Working from the DA findings
  • Working with the Project Executive
  • The Project Executive reports to you

Placements include:

  • Oncology Director or Nurse Manager
  • MedSurg Director or Nurse Manager
  • Cricital Care Director or Nurse Manager
  • Telemetry Director or Nurse Manager
  • Step-down Director or Nurse Manager
  • Behavioral Health Director or Nurse Manager
  • And More

*This leader can either fill a vacancy, or evaluate current leadership while driving improvements.

 Critical Care Leader Profile

Accomplished Executive with a well versed background in Critical Care and Magnet known for improving quality of care while decreasing costs

  • Discovered $3.2 Million gross revenue that were not being charged for due to incorrect accommodation code/room rates for IMC level care
  • Decreased OT expense from $719,000 to $617,000 in the first 6 months of tenure due to scheduling inefficiencies (when compared to the same time frame FY 2016)
“Leader #[176544] was very diligent in his/her work with staff, reporting, is detail oriented, and a very strong forward thinker. He/She could utilize metrics in reporting and developing plans for the future.”

– Superior Reference

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Acute Care Case Studies

Director Critical Care

Flagship Hospital Achieves $2.2 Million Positive Financial Impact

MedSurg/Oncology Nurse Manager

Academic hospital achieves $1,644,713 Positive Financial Impact in 211 days

Med Surg Nurse Manager

Community hospital achieves $186,676 Positive Financial Impact in 240 days

Oncology Nurse Manager

Project Turnaround Time from Diagnostic Assessment to Leader Start 67 days.

Discover the results from client projects for Service Line Excellence.

Acute Care Testimonials

“When  the  Transitional  Leader  began  succeeding  in  her engagement of a skeptical team, and scores began to turn around, we  knew  that  this  was  the  leader  we  had  been looking for and we created a plan to keep her.“

— VP

“The Diagnostic Assessment helped HealthLinx to understand the full situation upfront, and necessary information to present it to a leader so there were no issues long down the line.”

— Chief Nursing Officer