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Our Magnet® Service

Partnering with HealthLinx® goes beyond documentation to ensure not just your designation, but your sustained performance & improvement.

Project Management

  • Foundation Building
  • Educational Workshops
  • Writing Workshops
  • SOE Alignment
  • Detailed Content Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Electronic Publication Management
  • Bi-Weekly Project Management Meetings
  • Additional Document Requests
  • Site Visit Prep

Pursuit of Excellence & Performance Improvement

  • Nursing Excellence Assessment & Plan Report
  • Dedicated Business Intelligence Team
  • Dedicated Improvement Expert
  • Magnet® Outcomes Threshold Management
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Quarterly Performance Improvement Reports
  • Support Between Designations

38% of our clients have gone straight to site visit

The Top 10 Questions to Ask

Before Partnering with a Magnet® Consultant

Where are you on your Initial Magnet® Journey?

Have Not Yet Started your Magnet® Journey

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Why Magnet?

Have you made the decision that you want to pursue Magnet®, but you don’t know where to start? We do!

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54-36 Months from Document Submission

You have plenty of time to prepare for Magnet® Submission, but not if you don’t start the small steps right now.

Be best in class for the entirety of your journey, maintaining the best practice timeline at every step towards Guaranteed designation.

36-12 Months from Document Submission

Using a custom timeline we ensure you’re on track for document submission.

By executing an SOE Alignment we ensure you’re hitting the benchmarks for the Magnet® standard.

12-5 Months from Document Submission

Cutting it close! But we can still help.

We have an expedited process for clients with limited timelines.

Don’t risk your redesignation, get in contact with us right away!

Magnet® Designation Continuity

ANCC’s Magnet® Designation is a hard won award and you deserve to celebrate. Just don’t celebrate for too long and fall into designation “slippage”.

By continuing a partnership with HealthLinx beyond your submission date, you are ensuring your redesignation as well.

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Magnet® Testimonials

"Their guidance as an external expert helped us prepare our nurses and our leadership team for the survey, which went smoothly and yielded our Magnet® designation. We appreciate the expert guidance."

– Magnet Program Director

"There was very little time for hesitation, and [HealthLinx] ability to answer my questions and ease concerns supported my ability to assist with the preparation for a successful Sinai re-designation."

– Director of Professional Practice & Research and MPD