Chief Nursing Officer Leadership

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Drawing from our vetted, national bank of leaders, we can provide you with highly skilled CNO Interim Leadership in as few as 8 days.


Led by our Project Executives, our CNO Transformational Leadership rapid change events result in an average annualized financial benefit of $2 Million.


Our proven process results in permanent placement of vetted CNO leaders within 167 days, on average, from project launch to leader start.

Transformational Leadership Monthly Reports

We measure outcomes to track progress over the length of the project, monetizing all the relevant KPIs, such as:

  • RN Turnover
  • RN Satisfaction
  • Nurse Sensitive Indicators (NSIs)
  • Patient Satisfaction

An Example of our Highly Qualified Leaders

Placements include CNO, CNE, and more

  CNO Leader Profile

Accomplished Executive with a well versed background in Progressive Care, Critical Care and Med/Surg known for improving quality of care while decreasing costs

  • Redesigned patient care delivery model with RN top of license focus on two medicine units, resulting in 30% increased RN time spent with patients, 25% reduction in non-value added RN activities, and $2.5 Million in salary savings

“[Leader # 9985]’s knowledge around Magnet® requirements is very impressive. He/She is very knowledgeable with Six Sigma, Joint Commission and Nursing sensitive indicators. He/She worked with leaders in helping them where they needed to grow.”

– Superior Reference

CNO Case Studies

System CNO

Large Health System achieves $9,703,434 in Positive Financial Impact in 161 days

CNO & System CNE

Flagship hospital achieves $900,000 Positive Financial Impact in 15 months

Chief Nursing Officer

Teaching hospital achieves $710,000 annualized Positive Financial Impact

Chief Nursing Officer

Project Turnaround Time from Diagnostic Assessment to Leader Start 50 days

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